Creative Screenwriting magazine in its review of script analysts declared, "Robert Flaxman is, quite simply, the Rolls Royce of screenplay analysts."

"Robert Flaxman is one of the top screenwriting analysts in the world."

- 2008 Screenwriting Expo      

"As you know, I teach screenwriting and production in the Directors Program at UCLA;and I have written and directed professionally for several years. Never before, however, have I had such a detailed reading of one of my screenplays.

Overall your analysis helped me take a closer look at the script's structure as it relates to the theme of the work. Your logic helped me pose the proper questions that might be asked by the viewer.

Thank you also for your upbeat, honest and respectful manner. By the way, my producer is also very happy with the rewrite."

A.P. Gonzalez, Vice Chairman, Department of Film and Television, UCLA


"I can't thank you enough for what you taught me in those eight short hours. Perhaps more than I've ever learned in eight hours...I learned about my characters, their behavior, and their story."

Ali M. Selim
writer/director of

WINNER - Independent Spirit Award
(Best First Feature)

"As a screenwriter, it is very important that I have useful feedback and timely comments which aid and enhance my projects. The number of people who are able to recognize script problems by articulating plot dilemmas and character flaws are few and very far between.

Having sat through countless seminars, listened for hours to so-called self-help tapes and read numerous books on the subject, I can honestly say that you possess the gift--ironically rare in this town (L.A.)--for being able to isolate quickly and succinctly the obstacles between a writer's intentions and his goal--A Good Script.

You do this with a magical mixture of gentleness, tact, and intelligence, a three horse parlay again on the verge of extinction."

Michael Kinberg

"Just a note to thank you for your insightful analysis of PALS. Your comments were right on the money and your line-by-line scrutiny was a true revelation. Never have eight hours gone by so quickly.

Your sensitivity to the fragile psyches of writers was very apparent, as you were instructive without being preachy or condescending--a trait all too rare among those in your line of work.

Simply put, our script is measuably better as a result of your involvement."

Michael Pace

"I'm begining to think you are the template for that that indispensable secret weapon every writer should have in his/her arsenal-along with talent, tenacity, and good fortune- and that's the professional analyst. With family, friends, and "business insiders", you get what you pay for. With you, Robert, you get a lot more. And for me, you gave my two "babies" a new lease on life that I feel realizes their promise and potential.

As Tennessee Williams might say, 'Thanks a million for your fascinatin' observations.' "

Marshall New

"First and foremost, thank you for your excellent analysis and consultation on my screenplay, STIFFED. Remember I said I thought this script was so good that I thought maybe I didn't need you on this one?...Ha!

You turned what I thought was a masterpiece, into a masterpiece. Your skills are truly remarkable."

Lori Jaid


Creative Crib - Winner
Writers Network - Finalist
Square Screenwriting - Semi-Finalist

"Since you advised me on my script SEMPER FI it has gone on to win 1st Place at the Scriptville contest and Honorable Mentions (Top Ten) at Open Door, WriteMovies, Monterey, BDR, and Cripple Creek."

D. Jay Williams

Scriptville - Winner
Texas Film Institute - Finalist
Cripple Creek - Finalist
Acclaim - Finalist
BDR - Finalist
Monterey - Finalist
WriteMovies - Finalist
Open Door/ Script Magazine - Finalist
Chesterfield - SemiFinalist
AFI - SemiFinalist
Nicholl - SemiFinalist
Extreme Screenplay - Finalist


Writers Network - Finalist

"Thanks again for all your hard work on my script. I really appreciate your true professionalism.

The suggestions you made, and more importantly the issues you raised, caused me to think in new directions about my work. Your expertise rises above fees; it is invaluable."

Ben M. Enis, Ph.D

I am 42 years old, and until four years ago I had never written anything since 10th grade, where I dropped out. But over the last few years I got hooked on screenwriting: and started self educating myself by reading and listening to screenwriting books, CDs, DVDs, analysts, and taking courses. Although all of these were important to my success, the biggest influence on me was Robert Flaxman. Flaxman taught me to simplify and compress my writing into emotionally explosive scripts.

I am now the lead writer on a film currently in production called "Under the Sky." The cast and the production team for this film have worked on films such as "Terminator 3", "Independennce Day","House in the Sand and Fog", "Charlie Wilson's War", "The Day After Tomorrow", "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" and many more.

If you're serious about screenwriting, in just one session with Robert Flaxman you can learn ideas that can possibly open the doors to your screenwriting career; so you can live your destiny!

Arthur McClen

"I'm writing to thank you for the valuable assistance that your services have lent to my screenplay. I firmly believe it is the best investment I have ever made as a writer. Your detailed analysis allowed me to take my script to the next level. I highly recommend your company to any other writer who is serious about making the most polished script possible."

John W. Dill, Esquire

Upstream - Finalist
Writers Network - Finalist
Chesterfield - Finalist
Nicholl - SemiFinalist

"I just got home from Canada and received some good news...MALL COP is one of eleven finalists out of more than 2500 entries in the Final Draft Big Break International Screenwriting Contest!

We're five for five in competitions so far! Thanks again for your exceptional guidance and direction. You've made me a much better writer."

Alfred Thomas Catalfo

Script Magazine/Open Door - Finalist
ScriptNotes - Semi-Finalist
Writers Network - Semi-Finalist
Austin Film Festival - Semi-Finalist
Final Draft - Big Break - Finalist
Nantucket Film Festival - Finalist
Script P.I.M.P. - Finalist
Chesterfield - SemiFinalist
Monterey - Finalist
Fade In - Finalist
American Accolades - Finalist - Genre Winner
NHFX/New England Screenplay - Winner


American Zoetrope - Finalist
Monterey - Finalist
Hollywood International - Finalist
Script Magazine/Open Door - Finalist
American Accolades - Semi-Finalist
NHFX/New England Screenplay - Finalist

"As you know, I discovered you through the Creative Screenwriting article "Analyzing the Script Analysts." In their review they called you "the Rolls Royce of screenplay analysts" and I wasn't dissappointed.

Over the years I have used a number of script consultants and I must say your DEEP FEED-BACK method clearly makes you number one. I have had Fords and Hondas, and even an occasional Lexus. But you sir, are the Rolls Royce."

John Comrie, White Night Productions

DEEP FEED-BACK clients have written and/or directed films for:

  • Walt Disney Pictures
  • MGM
  • Warner Bros
  • Morgan Creek Productions
  • Hughes Entertainment
  • ABC Productions
  • Screen Gems
  • HBO


DEEP FEED-BACK clients were Winners or Finalists in over 60 screenplay competitions.